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Property Development:

For Top3 Real Estate Development, one of our core focus areas is property development. In a short time, we are emerging as one of the growing residential developers in the UAE’s competitive real estate market. By combining innovative strategies with the latest engineering technologies and a dedication to provide unrivalled customer service quality.

To make sure we deliver only the very best to our customers, we have developed a rigorous set of tests, from the initial design plans to the finishing touches, so each project passes the highest quality standards. We take pride in always setting new benchmarks for the industry and exceeding our customers’ expectations along the way.

We are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the UAE’s real estate market, while delivering unrivalled customer service and expanding operations across the region and around the world.

Business Model:

Our business model is based on a phased strategy of “Buy”, “Design”, “Sell” and “Build”, supported by constant customer care and close control over the development process to ensure each property is of the highest quality possible.

The "Buy" phase:

In this phase, we actively seek to purchase land in prime locations either by joint venture, private investment or financing. When selecting land, the development team considers a number of factors including the location of the land, whether it has scenic views, its proximity to amenities, the infrastructure availability and its potential investment appreciation opportunities.

The "Design" phase:

Once we secure development rights and contracted to purchase land for a particular development, the design phase begins. The objective of this phase is to create a development design that represents our brand and optimizes the commercial viability of the development.

The "Sell" phase:

During the “Sell” phase, we contracts to sell a certain proportion of the units in the development to customers "off-plan" in managed stages following the launch of the new development to the public.

From the first expression of interest from a potential customer the company implements its customer relationship management process. For example, we provide potential customers with “walkthroughs" and model apartments in order give them tangible and "living experiences" of products.

The "Build" phase:

The final phase of the business model is the "Build" phase. Construction is provided by external contractors in two phases:

  • An initial contract for enabling works
  • A subsequent contract for main work
  • Project Execution and Management

Our project execution and management relies on a two-pronged approach of:

  • Outsourcing project design and construction to external contractors
  • Maintaining a highly qualified team of internal engineers, architects and design professionals who are intensely involved with the entire design and construction process

Top3 with the team of experts and professional staff blended with the years of experience, mashed up with the skills to timely manage the whole process, will result the achievement of the specific goal in a given time frame efficiently.

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