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Procurement, Value Engineering and Quality Control:

We manage the entire project development procedure from contract documentation, pre qualification and tendering appraisals, drawing on group skills on construction cost and facilities management, contract and tender management, to advise our clients throughout the process.

The procurement stage is when labor, materials and equipment needed to complete the project are purchased. This can be done by the general contractor if the company does all their own construction work. If the contractor does not do their own work, they obtain it through subcontractors. Subcontractors are contractors who specialize in one particular aspect of the construction work such as concrete, welding, glass, or carpentry. Subcontractors are hired the same way a general contractor would be, which is through the bidding process. Purchase orders are also part of the procurement stage.

Value Engineering:

Value engineering can be defined as an organized effort directed at analyzing designed building features, systems, equipment, and material selections for the purpose of achieving essential functions at the lowest life cycle cost consistent with required performance, quality, reliability, and safety.

In the design phase of building development, properly applied value engineering considers alternative design solutions to optimize the expected cost/worth ratio of projects at completion. Value engineering elicits ideas on ways of maintaining or enhancing results while reducing life cycle costs.

In the construction phase, GSA PBS contractors are encouraged through shared savings to draw on their special 'know-how' to propose changes that cut costs while maintaining or enhancing quality, value, and functional performance.

Quality Control:

Top3 Real Estate Development provides a range of professional quality surveying services across all sectors of the property and construction industry. We have knowledge and experience to produce preliminary feasibility studies, correct estimates, with comprehensive tender documents, dealing with procurement arrangements on a board range of construction sectors and to manage all of the financial aspects of the project up to practical completion and agreement of the final account.

Our team provides the following services:

  • Pre Construction estimates
  • Cost Control and Advice from design stage through to construction Completion
  • Financial management of subcontractors
  • Process of payment application and variation of contracts

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Procurement, Value Engineering and Quality Control