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Construction Planning & Scheduling:

Necessity for Good Scheduling

“Time is money” -- to owners, builders, and users of the constructed facility.

Project Planning and Scheduling service helps you to quickly and easily create a proper plan for the project. Top 3 Real Estate Development performs the entire project management planning task required to deliver your project on time and within budget.

From the client perspective:

  • lost revenue -- not receiving return on investment
  • cash flow crunch
  • potential alienation and loss of clients/tenants
  • extended interest payments
  • tax considerations
  • negative marketing impacts

From the user’s perspective:

  • financial implications similar to owners
  • delays in upgrading facilities means operating at below optimum efficiency -- higher cost
  • delays in constructing or rehabilitating infrastructure negatively affects businesses and
    the public at-large

From the contractor’s perspective:

  • liquidated damages (negative)
  • incentive or bonus (positive)
  • delays result in extended overhead costs and other liabilities
  • delays also put a crunch on critical cash flow from the contractor’s perspective:
  • extending durations beyond the acceptable time frame limits the contractor’s bonding capacity and ability to bid more work
  • inefficient time management results in higher labor and equipment costs
  • a reputation for late completions is bad for business (especially in negotiated work)

Practical Benefits of Good Scheduling

  • requires managers to think the project through prior starting the work
  • provides a structured approach to planning
  • means of communicating the work plan to others
  • identify problems before they arise
    - identify long-lead fabricated items
  • assess resource requirements
  • forecast cash flows
  • serves as primary documentation for delay claim analysis and other time impact considerations

The Scheduling Process (4 phases)

  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Monitoring
  • Controlling

Construction Planning is the necessary forerunner to Scheduling and includes:

  • Defining work tasks
  • Determining general sequence
  • Construction methods
  • Assigning responsibility

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